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YOTTA flatbed printers take print quality to a new level with Ricoh Gen5 printheads
2016-11-01 17:52:15
With the development of UV printing technology, related technology is also in constant progress. Since the establishment of YOTTA, we had adopted Espon printhead, Konica print head for our digital UV flatbed inkjet printers, and now, we use Ricoh series printhead, especially Ricoh Gen5 printhead, which takes print quality to a new level.
Ricoh Gen5 printhead
With the jetting frequency of 30KHZ, 1280 nozzles configured, Ricoh Gen5 printhead achieves high resolution 600×2400dpi printing, which makes the patterns printed on the substrates are more clear and sharper. It can print 2pt font clearly. Ricoh inkjet print heads are made of stainless steel, which means it is highly robust and offer excellent anti-corrosion properties for multiple inks, resulting in excellent durability and extended service life. If it is maintained good, the service life of Ricoh Gen5 printhead can be up to 5 years.
Besides, Ricoh Gen5 grey-scale printhead has a amazing variable drop volume capability. It allows the creation of a rang of drop sizes enabling grey-scale printing. Inkjet flatbed printing with Ricoh Gen5, you will find that your prints look more smooth and naturally. With its bulit-in heater together, these heads are capable of jetting high-viscosity inks. And the ink path is isolated from the actuator, i.e. no ink contact.
It is because their versatile capability, we give our UV inkjet flatbed printers Ricoh Gen5 printheads to take digital flatbed inkjet printing to a new level, to give our customers more unsurpassed print quality, increase end-user satisfaction, and improve the competitiveness of flatbed printing market.
In addition to Ricoh Gen5 printhead, YOTTA UV flatbed inkjet printing machines still employ many other commendable technology and components, such as UV LED curing system, negative pressure ink supply system and many more, to deliver full color printing onto almost all materials, offer affordable UV printing solutions to various industries.

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