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Textile Printing

  • Canvas Wall Arts
  • Custom umbrella printing   YOTTA digital UV inkjet printers  have a wide range of applications, umbrella fabric printing is one. 
  • Personalized umbrella     YOTTA UV printing machines can deliver direct print on umbrella fabric with the features of high color fastness and high weather durablity. 
  • fabric coasters printing
  • Decorative picture printing
  • Decorative art printing
  • Textile Printing   YOTTA digital textile printing machine has a wide application. With a print width of 1800mm, YOTTA textile printer is suitable for high speed printing on cotton, fiber, silk, nylon, polyester and so on, covering almost all cloth printing. It can print bag, pillow, sofa, blanket, sheet, tablecloth, curtain an so on. Using special textile ink, environmental and non-polluted, it is a uv equipment to replace the traditional printing machinery. The images printed by our digital textile printer are washable, weatherability, abrasion. Its high print efficiency sample direct-to-media digital printing technology make it meet the requirement of mass production.      

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