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How to prevent your UV printhead from damage?
2016-11-04 16:45:41

When the UV printer head moves above the substrates, it is possible that the cartridge will collide with the substrates, resulting in print head damage. For example, when it passes over the curved sheet. This problem is very serious because print head is the most complex, finest and most expensive part of a UV flatbed printer. Lots of UV flatbed printing machines has a crash sensor function, which can reduce the frequency of printhead collision. But there are still some precautions.

UV printer head
1) Stack the UV printing media smoothly, so that they will not warp. Always ensure that the height of the print head is within the manufacturer’s specifications. Be sure to check the uneven surface of the substrate, and make sure that the vacuum table is on. The vacuum system is conducive to eliminate the slight curling of the substrate during the UV printing process.
2) Always ensure that it has enough time to stabilize the substrates in the printing environment. On the operation of a UV flatbed printer, it is very important to focus the vacuum area of the table under the substrates to be printed. Usually, operators will use tape to shield unused vacuum holes around the substrate, and then turn off other unused vacuum area on the table 
3) Always check the four corners of the sheet to be printed. The four corners are the areas most likely to be damage or bent. We need to know that the masking tape used on the machine, the small pieces of tape will not let the collision sensor closed, which is a main reason causing head damage.
YOTTA UV inkjet printing machines are all designed with a anti-collision device, which makes the cartridge stop automatically when colliding with obstacles. It prevents cartridge and printhead from being damaged, also prevents human safety. In spite of this, to ensure no risk at all, we should try to notice the above.

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