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Comparisons among Espon, Konica and Ricoh print head
2016-07-25 15:02:26

Epson, Ricoh, and Konica print head are commonly used in flatbed printing. So, what the differences among these types of nozzles?

1. Epson print head
Epson print head is the most widely used nozzle in UV flatbed printer, of which  the main advantage is high precision. It has the highest accuracy compared to two others. However, Epson print head speed is relatively slow. Its stability is more suitable for photo machine, while for UV printer is not too ideal. The ink droplet of Espon print head is small and more delicate, what is short is its slow print speed and  working time, normal 7 to 8 months. Good maintenance can perlong print head's lifetime, for Espon printhead, can be barely used a year. 

2. Konica print head
Compared with Epson head, Konica nozzle is slightly better than the Epson in actual application, mainly for the wide outdoor advertising. The orifice is large and ink dot as well, suitable for the pattern that do not require precision. It need to pay attention that internal heating is more stable and durable  than external heating.

3. Ricoh print head
This series print head is recognized as the best in industrial printing machines. Ricoh nozzle combines the precision of Epson printhead and the speed of Seiko print head. It is the beat choice of high-end products printing.



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