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The best flatbed printer for personalized packaging printing
2016-07-20 15:09:02

With the development of economy and technology, personalized packaging printing gradually becomes a kind of demand of people. Due to the characteristics of personalized packaging printing, the traditional screen printing is obviously not appropriate for it. But UV flatbed printer, which is based on digital printing technology, provides a good technical support for this demand. Compared to traditional printing technology, digital printing has many advantages. And there is no doubt that flatbed printer has these advantages, too.

The operation of UV flatbed printing machine is very simple, without a series of complex processes of traditional printing, such as colour separation, which makes the production cycle greatly shortened and the technical requirements for operators has also reduced a lot. Precisely because of this, flatbed printer can produce a small batch prints, the real realization of small batch, multi variety, fast response to the required production, while traditional printing must be a large print. In addition, on color control, digital printing has the incomparable advantage. It can print a variety of colors without deviation. No matter how high the requirements of your color, it can achieve your request.

Packaging printing contains many aspects, such as plastic packaging printing, paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, etc. Personalized printing on the packaging can be the expression of preferences, or a kind of information exchange, or emotional delivery. In this regard, YD-F2513R4-35 heightening flat printer is a good choice of packaging printing machine. In addition to a very high quality and print resolution, the most important feature of it is the raised print thickness. For packaging printing, in particular packaging boxes printing, the print height may be relatively high, which the general flatbed printer with general print thickness can not achieve. Or we do not need large quantities of printing, or we want more gorgeous patterns, more color, which is not suitable for traditional printing. Therefore, the digital UV flat printer with 350mm of maximum printing height, heightening version of YD-F2513R4-35 is undoubtedly a best choice.

Here are some photos and proofing sample of YD-F2513R4-35 heightening flatbed printer.

Wooden packaging printing


Packaging printing machine´╝îYD2513-RA heightening flatbed printer


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