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EVA sole printing machines recommended
2016-07-15 14:40:48

EVA is a kind of materials commonly used in daily life, finished products made from it has good flexibility, shock-proof, non-slip, and strong compression, such as EVA slippers, shoes, EVA cell phone case, EVA ipad case,etc. It is widely used in a variety of footwear soles for its strong flexibility and chemical resistance.

EVA slipper soles printing is a general demand. Printing patterns on EVA soles, can simultaneously achieve beauty and function. So, EVA printing is also a way to attract the consumer. To get a good printed EVA sole, you should have a good EVA printing machine. YOTTA recommends two machines here, one is YD2513-RA flatbed UV printer, the other is YD-F1510R4 UV inkjet printer. The two machines are not much difference in function, in addition to EVA sheet, you can also print a lot of other materials, such as metals, ceramics, wood, glass and other rigid and flexible sheet. They have a very good print performance with Ricoh Gen4 print head and print accuracy is up to 600*1200dpi, you do not have to worry about the printing effect. Where they are different in is printing format. YD2513-RA is an ultra large format UV flatbed printer, which print size is 2500 * 1300mm. Its application range is broader than YD-F1510R4, and you can print some objects with great size and weight, which YD-F1510R4 printer can not be printed. For example, large posters, large format ceramic tiles, large format wallpaper. Because of this difference, YD-F1510R4 flatbed printer has a lower price, suitable for normal format printing, while YD2513-RA is more suitable for a larger budget and the business which covers large format printing.

The followings are some proofing samples of EVA slipper sole printing:

EVA slipper sole printing machine

EVA sole sheet printing



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