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UV Flatbed printer for wood
2016-06-22 17:03:50

In recent years, with the extensive use of wood in the field of packaging, furniture and decoration, wood printing industry came into being. In fact, the wood printer is a digital flatbed UV printer. The reason that it is defined as a wood printer, is because the flatbed printer can print directly on wood.

print on wood

print on wood

print on wood

YD-2512R5 is a inkjet flatbed printer that is very suitable for printing on wood panels. It’s printing size is 2500mm*1250mm, and the print thickness is up to 100mm. In addition to print on wood, It also can print on glass, metal, plastic, crystal, leather, fabrics, coated paper and other rigid and flexible materials. The pattern can be logo, text and image, even that is arbitrary complex variegated and transition colored. So, YD-F2512R5 large format printer is compatible with different industries. It’s printing process is simple and will not damage the surface of the material, with the high printing speed, completing with the printing industry standards. Since its listing, the product has received a high praise from all sectors, and the number of customer groups is growing.

YD-F2512R5 UV flatbed printer for wood mainly has the following advantages:

1. Adopts Ricoh Gen5 nozzle, which is high precision as well as high speed.

2.The pattern is exquisite and delicate, strong color adhesion and not fade.

3.Large print size and strong production capacity.

4. Optional assembly line printing mode, to adapt to the industrialization of online production

5. Suitable for variety of materials, meets the needs of different industries.

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