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YD-F1510R4 UV Flatbed Printer

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Product Abstract:

Print area: 1500mm×1000mm; High print resolution of 600×2400dpi; Delivering high-quality multi-color on almost all flat materials, YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer can meet the needs of various industries.

Product Description

YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer on sale


YD-F1510R4 flatbed printer adopts the original imported Ricoh Gen4 industrial printhead to deliver more delicate printed patterns by variable ink droplet printing(7pl-35pl). With the reasonable print size of 1500*1000mm, this flatbed printer can print onto almost all kinds of flat items with superior quality, including wood, glass, metal sheet, slate, paper, acrylic, fabric, building materials and so on. The YD-F1510R4 has a clear printing effect and can achieve the expansion and upgrading of different configurations according to the needs of users, helping you make more money.

YD1510-RA UV flatbed printer for sale - YOTTA UV printer




Applications of YD-F1510R4 flatbed printer


Advertising industry: pvc board, KT board, metal sheet, sign board, advertising sticker and so on.

Decoration: handicrafts, Jade, clothing, wood door, decorative painting, carving printing, personalized furnishing and so on.




Features of YD-F1510R4



G4(Ricoh) print head - YOTTA printers

1. Adopting high-performance industrial print heads

YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer adopts new 3-8 grey level G4(Ricoh) all stainless steel internal heating industrial micro piezo print head with the ignition frequency of 30KHz; variable ink droplet printing (7pl-35pl), easily print high resolution images of 600*2400 dpi. Ricoh G4 print head is anti-corrosive and long lifetime, working performance is stable, what’s more, it is cost-effective and suitable for long-time working, 24 hours running. If maintain in good condition, the life time of Ricoh print head can reach about 5 years!


2. Automatic anti-collision function

The carriage can stop working automatically when collides with the media, so as to protect the carriage and print head.


3. Emergency back-up power supply

When the power is turned off suddenly, this printer can still maintain the normal operation of negative pressure system, and it will be engaged in work quickly once the power is turned on. The 24 hours*7 days production can be achieved.

emergency power supply of YD-F1510R4 flatbed printer


4. The cartridge constant temperature system

It can keep the ink viscosity be consistent with different environment temperature, to keep the prints quality from being affected by temperature changes.


5. Automatic measure the thickness of media

Our UV printers have the function of measuring the media thickness, which eliminate the procedure that we measure thickness by ourselves. Ensure the correct print height, in the meantime save our time and improves our work efficiency.


 negative pressure system of YD-F1510R4

6. Negative pressure system for ink supply

The stable negative pressure system can ensures the printer to supply ink smoothly in the production process, It also achieves long time ink supply.


7. Two print mode optional

Optional unidirectional and bidirectional print mode according to the demands of production, more fits to the needs of print production.


8. UV white inks to poduce special effects

YOTTA flatbed UV printer can print UV white ink or UV transparent varnish, meeting customers’needs of 3D, embossed, highlight effect and other special effect.


9. Channel control technology

YD-F1510R4 printer employs professional channel control technology, to achieve the control of each channel, providing the technical assurance.


10. Hardware testing and tuning function

This flatbed printer provides strong, comprehensive hardware testing and tuning function, for example: printhead rotating table, position calibration and voltage regulation for the printhead,bidirectional printing calibration, step calibration.


11. Strong and tough frame material

The frame of work table adopts square tube welding tempering heat treatment, processing the whole side and upper surface, the guide rail Y axis and ball screw were installed in the frame side, reducing the size of the equipment, with the whole process for the installation surface of the suction platform, to ensure the accuracy of the platform, and doing the aging treatment (Under the natural condition for 30 days, until the steel structure deformed naturally,then finish machining). So that can ensure that the platform and frame will not deformed for a long time, Prolong the service life and precision of the equipment.





Specifications of YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer




Print head

Ricoh-Gen4 grey scale degree piezo print head

Number of printhead


Print resolution


Print mode

unidirectional and bidirectional

Print size

1500mm ×1000mm 

Material type

Rigid and flexible material

Material thickness   

Up to 100mm

Suitable material

Glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal, PVC, corrugated board, plastic, etc.

Ink type

Environmental UV curing ink;(NO VOC)

Ink color

C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm (optional)

Special ink

UV white ink or UV varnish

Input format

Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Software Interface


Printer weight


Printer dimensions

1150 mm[H] ×1690 mm[W] ×2920 mm[L]


2420 W

Power requirement

220V/AC (±10%),single phase,50 / 60 Hz ;

Working environment

Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop. Temperature:18 ℃~ 30 ℃(64 ℉~86 ℉ ) Humidity: 30% ~ 70% (Non-condensing)  Ventilation equipment: Suggest Overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600 cfm




Sample Shows

UV printing on bag



computer shell printing

Computer shell


decorative picture printed

decorative picture


phone case print samples

Phone case printing


The actual printing effect of YD-F1510R4 UV flatbed printer is more outstanding, welcome to the factory to see the actual printing effect. For more info on the price, contact us now!

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