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The pricing of UV printer
2016-07-22 14:42:01

About UV inkjet printers, many people express that they do not know how to choose. A lot of digital printing machines on the market look like the same in types and functions, but the offer given by different vendors is very different. Normally, we will choose a cheaper one, but are you sure? As a professional UV printer manufacturer, Yotta tells you how manufacturers price the UV printer.

The pricing problem is essentially throughout the entire process of our development, production and sales.

First, the R & D costs. When purchasing a digital UV printer, many people tend to choose the manufacturers with research and development capabilities, for the technical competence and professional knowledge they own is strong enough. If the printer has any problems during the subsequent use, users can get the professional technical support. But here is one thing need to be considered: technology is need for time and costs to accumulate. Therefore, as long as the machines are developed by the manufacturers themselves, the printer price will be higher than the price of assembly processing vendor.

Second, production cost. That is, the cost of assembly processing mentioned above. All products need to be produced before they are put on the market, so it is clear that what Yotta wants to say is not the difficulty of assembly here, but production materials. Different printer manufacturers use different materials and processes, and it will create a gap between the price of the printer. Take Yotta as an example, the all components Yotta adopts are high-end and imported, for example, the tank towline imported from Germany and Panasonic servo motor. We give the machine quality and performance multiple security from the materials selected, to get the less likelihood for error.

Third, printing capabilities and quality of the printer, including the printing effect, print colors, working life and so on. These are the points that are most concerned about, and the parts people habitually contrast in purchasing. Note that the print colors can be seen by proofing, but the life of the equipment can not. So it is back to the question of the selection of components we said above. Prerequisite for good performance of the UV printer, is to have good material conditions for support.

Finally, there is the cost of after sale. Every responsible company will have a dedicated after-sales department to solve the problems, such as improper operation, the machine warranty issues, etc.

So, what kind of price standard you buy a UV printer, depending on what the standard of service and quality assurance you want to get, there is nothing more.

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