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Custom set print mode for UV flatbed printer
2016-07-18 15:02:36

In general, UV tablet printer's print mode can be divided into three kinds: the economic model, the common model, the high precision mode. We can choose the print mode according to our situation. But can the UV flatbed printer work in a custom print mode?

The answer is yes. First of all, we need to know that the printing precision is proportional to the amount of ink used, the higher the accuracy, the greater the amount of ink consumption. And the printing accuracy is inversely proportional to UV printing speed, the higher the accuracy, the slower the speed. So we should fully take into account these factors when we set the custom printing mode.

In the common three printing modes of UV flat printer, economic model is to exchange lower cost with higher print quality. Although this model does not has the very high quality, but it saves inks. General printing mode is the mode used the most widely. This model taking into account the print quality and speed, which makes it be accepted in most cases, but this model is for most of the printed material, some materials may fail to achieve a great effect. And high precision printing mode is sacrificing speed to achieve high quality print.

In addition to the above three printing modes, digital UV flatbed inkjet printer also provides an funtion to custom set print mode. Users can set the ink printing density according to print material, print precision and pint speed of their own. After finding a balance among these factors, print the test results. If satisfied, you can click on the Save button to save the print mode, thus completing the custom print mode.

UV flatbed printer with the same print mode for different materials, printing effect will vary. Therefore, do some minor adjustments before the printer working, in order to achieve the best state.

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