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How to save uv ink
2016-04-22 17:51:04

If you ever used a uv flatebd printer, you must know the high cost of the uv ink. How can we save much money in using ink?

1.Do not start your machines frequently (print at one time).
Everytime you start your printer, the system will do a self-testing overally. That means everytime you start your machine the printheads will flash spray, which the ink will fill to the ink supply system. This self-testing process not only watses your time but also unavoidable to waste some ink. To avoid this situation, try to turn on and off the machine one time.

2. Choosing the best print mode for your production requirments .
Under different print mode, the volume of ink consume is different. But do remember that print mode should be considered according to the actul print rosulotion, print times and materials. If you do not care the printing result, you can choose the economic mode.

3.Do not displace cartridge at once.
May be it still has ink in the cartridge when system notices you to replace it.

4.Try to reduce the frequency of inkjet head cleaning.
Everytime we wash the printhead we will use lots of ink. If you worry about the possibility of printhead clogging, just do a good job in other aspects.


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