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Printhead problems of uv flatbed printer
2016-04-21 18:01:03

We all know that print head is the most expensive part of a digital UV flatbed printer, and it is also the most prone to problems. Today, the problem I want to talk about is clogging. So, why printheads are so easy to clog, and what cause the clogging? The printhead easy to clog because it is a very high degree precision product, the orifice in it is very very small, which is liable to clog. There are several factors that cause the clogging of the nozzle.

1. Poor stability of the ink caused by the change of temperature and humidity. The stability of the ink determines the use of the nozzle. Temperature and humidity of storage and usage is  not comply with the requirement, the ink stability will become worse, which affecting the normal work of the nozzle. For example, when the temperature is too high and the humidity is too low, the volatile will be improved, and the ink is easy to form a solidified material on the surface of the nozzle and clog the nozzle. So, to control the change of temperature is important.

2. Bad ink. This is the most serious problem. The ink molecules is larger. Using bad ink, it may not have any trouble in the short term, but with use amount increased, the filter will gradually be blocked, and damage the ink pump. Some large particles pass the filter, will directly plug the printhead, causing permanent blockage. So, it is unwise to buy bad ink in order to save the cost.

3. The air enters the ink cartridge when ink is being filled, resulting in a bubble in the ink, which cause circulation of the ink is not good.

4. Do not clean or moisturize for a long time.

5. Cleanliness of storage or of use environment is not enough. There is great amount of dust floating in the air, which cause head clogging when it falls on the nozzle.



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