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How to improve the adhesion of UV ink
2016-04-20 11:06:40

UV ink will perform a low adhesion when printing on some materials by UV flatbed printer, because the UV ink dry instantaneously. Here are some tips to settle the problem.

1. Corona treatment

Corona treatment is a effective way to improve the adhesion of UV printing ink. The anode and cathode of corona device are respectively connected with the ground and dielectric air nozzle. By using high voltage and frequency, it makes shock molecules come from Induced electric air nozzle, with free electron  toward the cathode fast with high energy. So that we can change the polarity of non absorbent material and increase surface coarse, enhancing the material's ability of combining with ink, to improve the adhesion of UV. The stability about surface tension of material through corona treated is poor. Using the corona treated substrate, we must work with suppliers to ensure the freshness of the substrate. Common corona treatment materials include PE, PP, nylon, PVC, PET, etc.

2. Adhesion Promoters of UV printing ink

In many cases, cleaning the base material with alcohol will increase the adhesion of UV ink on the substrate. If the substrate of UV ink adhesion is poor, or requirements of UV ink adhesion are relatively high, that can consider to use primer or UV ink adhesion promoters which can improve the adhesion. However, primer has selective applications, it is better for glass, ceramics, metal, acrylic, and PET.

3. Curing degree of UV printing ink

In general, we can see that the UV ink adhesion is poor when UV ink is not fully cured. we can improve the curing degree of UV printing ink from some aspects:
1) Increase the power of UV curing lamp.
2) Reduce the printing speed.
3) Prolong curing time.
4) Check whether the UV lamp and its accessories are working properly.
5) Reduce the thickness of ink layer.



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