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Several major textile printing methods
2016-04-18 17:59:53

Textile printing has developed for a very long time. Up to now, there are many kinds of methods to print the patterns on fabrics. But which we use most are the followings:

1.Direct printing

One method of textile printing. This printing process is the simplest and most common type of printing process, which printing color paste onto white or light colored fabric directly at first, and has after post-processing such as steaming. Printing paste is modulated with dye (or paint), hygroscopic agent, solvent and paste. The dyes can be determined according to the properties of the fibers, the pattern characteristics, the requirements of the color fastness and the conditions of the equipment. The direct dyes, paste and process condition of different fibers are not the same. Digital textile printing machine is a  typical example of this.

2.Discharge printing

When printing, print the color paste which can destroy the ground color on the fabrics at first. And then, use discharge agent or color dye containing discharge resistance agent to print fabrics after drying. The ground color dye destroyed will decolorate when reprocessing, and form a white pattern on the ground or the color pattern formed by the color dye.

3.Resist printing

Firstly, print paste that can prevent ground color dye staining or developing on fabrics. And then dyeing to get the patterns of ground color. This method can get three kinds of effects: anti white, anti color and part of the anti stain.



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