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The main factors affecting the quality of textile printing
2016-04-12 18:00:29

When we have digital textile printing, we mostly worry about is whether the patterns is bright and lifelike, or if it will fade or not. About the quality of textile printing, maybe many people think that it is the result of the poor-quality ink. Actually, in addition to the ink, we should also consider the print head, textile printing machine and the classification of printing.

Effect of printing ink

we know that ink may affect the color saturation, color fastness, color volume, but in fact, ink will also have a great influence on the printing accuracy. If the ink has problem in viscosity, surface tension and other parameters, it probably cause inclined ink jet, which will cause problems in saturation, color fastness and tinctorial yield, affecting the accuracy of digital printing.

The effect of print head

Different print heads have different resolution, which will affect the accuracy of the printing. For example, piezoelectric nozzle has the highest discrimination rate of 1440dpi, supporting 540dpi and 720dpi printing mode. The resolution of industrial nozzles is generally about 720dpi. But from the perspective of the textile printing, the fabric is relatively coarse. From the visual result, it is difficult to distinguish when the resolution above 720dpi.

The effect of accuracy of printing machine

For example, if a equipment has a diameter deviation. One side of the fabric is printed repeatedly, and the other side appears blank when it printing.

The classification of textile printing

Because the materials of all kinds of fabrics are not the same. Up to now, there is no real universal machine that can realize all the materials, all form of fabric printing. It need a machine suitable for the materials to print.

Here, I want to recommend a digital textile printing machine: YD-T1800SG. It has a high resolution and speed,suitable for all kinds of cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, polyester and other woven and knitted fabrics, etc.



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