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Daily maintenance of the flatbed printers
2016-04-07 16:49:48

How long a flatbed printer can be used, not only depends on its quality, but also has a great realtionship with users' maintenance of it. As an enterprise that professional engaged in the development and sales of UV flatbed printers,Yotta has some tips for printer users.

1. Ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. If there is too much dust around,  it is easy to cause the bad lubrication of guide shaft, making the movement of UV printhead block when printing, which will cause the inaccurate print position that leads damage and crash. The way to solve this problem is to wipe off the dust on the guide shaft, and lubricate it.

2. Ensure the printing machine has a stable working platform. The front cover must be closed when printing , to keep things like dust out. Don't plug in or pull out printer cable with electrification, because it will damage to print port and PC parallel port, seriously even to the PC motherboard. If the picture printed out is not  so clear, you can take a cleanness for the nozzles. If it doesn't work after serveral times, you should change cartridge for the ink may have been used up.

3. Before the power off, it's better to let the print head back to the initial location. Because print head can be sealed and protected by the boot, preventing the nozzles easy to plug.

4. It should be placed at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight when it is not in use for a long time.Because the ink evaporates very quickly in this environment,leading nozzles' blockage. 

5. Follow the steps in the operation manual  when change the cartridge and pay particular attention that action should be taken in the state of power supply. The digital printer will fill the ink delivery system with ink which can not perform in the state of shutdown. And it can not detect the cartridge re installed.

6. If the equipment is not used for a short time, keep a dialy boot. If it is not be used for a long time, residual ink in damper and nozzles should be discharged.

These are some experience and suuggestions about UV printer maintenance. If you need to know more about UV inkjet flatbed printers, you can visit our website: http://www.yo-da.com  



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