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Continuous Ink Supply System(CISS) of UV Inkjet Printers
2015-06-23 17:12:50

In the UV inkjet printers market, Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is widely applied since it makes ink refilling more convenient and lowers production costs. However, inappropriate operations can also leads to some problems and create loss. What are the cautions when we use digital UV ink jet printer with CISS? Here we would be loved to give some advices:

1. Close suction holes of printer first, after this can we refill or add inks into the refilling hole. Then stopper ink holes and open suction holes. One more thing to be noted is that there should not being too much inks in the tank, or the liquid level of ink will be excessively high and lead to the barometric pressure changes and poor circumstances of ink ejections.

2. When refilling inks into a UV printer with CISS function, do not put the box of CISS at a very high place. Otherwise the inks spill over from the nozzles and thus cause a short circuit and motherboard damage.

3. Choose good quality inks for the printer. We all understand the quality of inks largely influences the performance of CISS and the print effects. If poor inks are applied, problems like nozzle clogging, missing lines and color cast are likely to arise from time to time. We should also attach importance to the compatibility of the newly added inks with the remaining inks to avoid corrosion and clogging of print heads.

4. If the CISS and ink cartridges are connected together, we had better take both of them out from the machine before we refill inks. The reason to do this is the pressure maintains a balance in the printing course, and ink refilling into the cartridges may break the balance of pressure and lead to the ink spilling and short circuit of ink cartridges. If inks overflow from the nozzles, wipe them with paper napkin before the digital inkjet printer starting its work.


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