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Prolong Lifetime of Printhead
2015-04-21 16:14:42

Print heads are very vital for  UV flatbed printers. Once there is something wrong with them, the printer will stop working. If you do not pay much attention, damages or clogging of print heads will happen. The print heads are composed of many tiny nozzles whose size is nearly as same as particles of dust. The particles of dust or some other debris clog the print heads and leads to the UV ink spray. So, how to maintain the print heads so they can be used for a longer time? Here YOTTA provides some opinions:

1. Do not place the print heads that removed from UV flatbed printer separately, especially at high or low temperature state. If they are removed and placed for a long time, the moisture of waste ink gradually evaporates and the dried ink will clog them. Once this happens, we should clean them immediately. Providing the print heads still don't work, then they might have been damaged. In this case we need to replace them with the new ones.

2. Do not touch the surface of nozzles with hands or tools. So the damage and clogging of nozzles caused by oil and debris can be avoided. Do not let oil, sweat and alcohol stain them, or the ink condenses and clogs the nozzles. Wiping nozzles with paper, cloth and lens paper are also not allowed.

3. Do not suddenly turn off the power when UV printer is still working. In this case, the cap top operation cannot be completed and the nozzles are exposed to the air, then the print head be clogged. The right approach is turn the printer to "OFF LINE" state first, then turn off the power and unplug the printer.

UV printhead is a high precision component, the price is a little expensive, and we'd better try to maintain it well, so the money and time saving production can be achieved.

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