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YD-T1800SG textile printing machine

  • YD-T1800SG textile printing machine
  • YD-T1804SG Direct to Textile Printer

Product Abstract:

Environmentally friendly textile printing machine.

Product Description



1.8 pieces SG1024 industrial level stainless steel printheads:the industrial level printheads are widely used by digtial printing factory in Europe.Suitable for continuous,batch printing and continuous printing production;



SG1024 Printhead;


2.Width 1.8m,2.6m and 3.2m optional:suitable for printing clothe and home textile field with different width requirements;

3.Professional conduction band of fabric conveyor system:it can transfer the cloth without tension,suitable for spandex and Non-elastic cloth;

4.Original automatic wiper system,its not hurt the nozzle;

5.Conduction band automaticly washing and drying system;

6.Conduction correction system;

7.Media and retraction system,automatic constent tension Unwinding and rewinding system,wrinkle technology is high-efficiency and stable;

8.Drying system:Multiple wave infrared heaters,instant drying cloth,adopts printing and drying,linkage control mode,high-effiency and stable,easy operation,Independent drying system optional.





Printer model YD-T1800SG
Output Speed 25 square meters/h(4 PASS)
Print Width 1.8m(width)
Fabric Thickness Adjustable height range 0-30mm
Printhead SG 1024 printhead,with own heating and internal-loop function
Print Resolution 400dpi
Print Height 30mm
Print speed High-speed mode 3pass-25㎡/h;Normal mode 6pass-17㎡/h;High resolution mode 8pass-㎡/h
RIP Software Professional textile printing RIP software
File Format JPEG/TIFF/BMP(File Format),RGB/CMYK color model
Applicable fabric All kind of cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, polyester and other woven and knitted fabrics, etc
Ink Color Ten colors optional:Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, sapphire blue, orange, red, gray
Ink Type Acid, reactive, disperse, paints
Printer size 3300*3000*1450mm      Weight:2000KG
Power 4.5KW
Power supply 2200V/AC ± 10%(single phase), 50HZ/60HZ
Compressed air air flow ≥0.6m³ / min, pressure ≥8kg
Working environment the optimum temperature:18℃-30℃(64℉-86℉),Relative humidity 30%-70%



Print effect shows


print on fabric


fabric printing


print on silk

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