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YD-F2513R4 UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer

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Product Abstract:

With 2500*1300mm print size and 100mm maximum print thickness, YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed inkjet printer adopts original imported Ricoh G4 head, dilivering direct inkjet print on various flat materials.

Product Description


YD-F2513R4 flatbed printer for wallpaper printing


YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed inkjet printer adopts original imported Ricoh G4 head, can print on large format flat materials that within 2500*1300mm size and no more than 100mm thickness, including glass, ceramic, acrylic sheet, metal sheet, advertising clothes etc. It shows unmatched advantages in digital inkjet color printing fields like home decoration.



Glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal sheet, PVC sheet, corrugated board and plastic etc.




Ricoh G4 inkjet printer head 1. Adopting new 3-8 grey level G4 internal heating industrial micro Piezo print head, ignition frequency 30kHz, variable droplet printing (7pl-21pl),can easily inkjet print high resolution images of 600*2400 dpi. Ricoh G4 print head is anti-corrosive and long lifetime, working performance is stable, what’s more, it is cost effective and suitable for long-time working, 24 hours running. If maintain in good condition, the life time of print head can reach about 3-4years!


Automatic anti-collision function 2. Automatic anti-collision function:The carriage can stop working automatically when it collides with the media, which can protect the carriage and print head.


media thickness measurement 3. Automatic measurement of media thickness: YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printer can automatically measure with senses distance nozzle and media, which eliminate the procedure that we measure thickness by ourselves. What's more, it saves our time and improves our work efficiency.


4. Negative pressure system. This system ensures the printer to supply ink smoothly in the production process, even at high speed printing mode. It also achieves long time ink supply.


5.Unidirectional and bidirectional print mode are available and can be choose freely based on production requirement.


6.YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed inkjet printer adopts Ricoh G4 head and can achieve clients’ special effect requirement like 3D, embossed and polished by using white UV ink or UV clear coatings.





Print size

2500 × 1300mm

Print head

Ricoh-Gen4 grey scale degree piezo print head

Print resolution


Print mode

unidirectional and bidirectional

Ink color

LM、LC、Y、M、C、K (optional)

Number of print head

3-8 pcs

Ink type

Environmental UV curing ink (NO VOC)

Special ink

UV white ink or UV varnish

Material thickness

Up to 100mm

Material type

Rigid and flexible material

Suitable material

Glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal, PVC, corrugated board, plastic etc.

Software Interface


Input format

Adobe Postscript Level 3、PDF、 JPEG、TIFF、EPS、AI

Power requirement

220V/AC (±10%),50 / 60 Hz ; 4.8 KW (22A)

Printer weight


Printer dimensions

1200 mm [H] × 2080 mm [W] × 3620 mm [L]

Working environment

Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop. Temperature:18  ℃~ 30 ℃(64 ~ 86 ℉ ) Humidity: 30% ~ 70% (Non-condensing) Ventilation equipment: Suggest Overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600 cfm



The actual print effect of YD-F2513R4 flatbed inkjet printer is more impressive, welcome for your visiting in our factory and seeing the actual print effect!



 ceramic background wall printing

Background wall print sample


UV inkjet printing on glass

 Glass sliding door printing


metal printing sample

Metal printing samples


flatbed inkjet printing on wood

wood printing sample


Check for more print samples


YOTTA welcomes your visiting and proofing!

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