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YD-F2513R5-40 Heightening Flatbed Printer

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Product Abstract:

As a new upgraded model of YOTTA heightening printer, YD-F2513R5-40 can print on flat materials of which thickness is within 400mm.

Product Description

As a new upgraded model of YOTTA heightening printer, YD-F2513R5-40 can print on flat materials of which thickness is within 400mm. Delivering full-color and high-resolution outstanding printing, it is superior solution digital printing solution for high-end printing, especially for custom box printing, such as wine boxes, luggage, metal gift boxes, etc.



Materials that can be printed on

Glass, ceramic, metal, wood, acrylic, KT board, PVC, melamine panel, paper, plastic, leather, etc.




Highlights of YOTTA YD-F2513R5-40 flatbed printer


1. High quality

A.  We have the strict ptoduction managent system, safeguards the product quality.

B. All the accessories has strict sources and being closely tested before entering the warehouse. YOTTA only accepts original high quality accessories;

C. Integrated tempered stainless steel frame, which is strong tough and stable;

D. High precision guide rail which is tempering heat treated. The thickness of the steel frame is up tp 8mm.

E. High precision lead screw;


2. Up to 0.4M print height

The most prominent feature of YD-F2513R5-40 flatbed printer is its maximum 400mm print height. It greatly expands the scope of the application


3. High resolution delicate printing

Adopting grey level Ricoh Gen5 industrial printheads, YOTTA YD-F2513R5-40 can achieve 600×2400DPI high resolution printing and help users to get delicate prints with visual photo-resolution effects.


4. High speed direct to substrate printing

YD-F2513R5-40 can effectively improve your printing production efficiency. The direct-to-substrate printing can greatly simplify your workflow. It is suitable for both short run and mass production.


5. Multi-color printing, 4-8 colors optional

YOTTA YD-F2513R5-40 flatbed printer supported C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, white ink and varnish printing. Colorful prints can be produced easily. Visual 3D effect and embossed effect, too. Therefore, it is also a very good solution for home decoration printing and advertising printing.


6. Extensive application

This heightening printer can print on various flat materials, such as glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc., covering a wide range of industries.


7. Graceful, clean, pragmatic designs

Every design is to the point. It keeps the practicality of the operation. While maintaining the convenience of operation and practicality, but also balance the the simple appearance. For instance, the four zones independent control adsorption platform is conducive to the stability of small format and large format printing. When printing small format materials, only enable some of them can save energy.


8. Cost saving

Benefit from the high quality of the whole machine, it will have longer working life, and less maintenance costs are needed in the later period. On the other hand, variable ink droplet printing can effectively save inks while produce extremely natural transition effects.


9. Environmentally-friendly

YD-F2513R5-40 uses eco-friendly UV curing ink which is no VOC. It meets the requirements of all countries for green production. Going with this, it employs UV LED ink curing system which is more efficient and energy-saving. Besides, UV LED curing is also an ideal solution for digiatl printing on heat-sensitive materials.



Technical Data



Print size


Print head

Ricoh Gen5 grey level piezo printhead

Print resolution

600 × 2400 dpi

Print speed mode

High speed mode; Normal mode; High resolution mode

Print mode

Unidirectional and bidirectional

Ink color

C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, V (optional)

Printhead quantity

2-8pcs (4-8 colors optional)

Ink type

Eco-friendly UV curing ink (NO VOC)

Print height

Up to 400mm

Materials type

Rigid and flexible materials


Glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal, PVC, corrugated board, plastic, etc.



Input format

Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Power requirement

220V/AC(±10%), 50/60HZ; 6KW

Printer weight


Printer size

4510mm[L] × 2500mm[W] ×1400mm[H]

Package size

4700mm[L] × 2250mm[W] ×1730mm[H]

Working environment

Separate,little sunlight,ventilated workshop. Temperature: 18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉)   

Humidity: 30%~70%(Non-condensing)  

Ventilation equipment:Suggest Overhead exhaust fan,displacement 600 cfm

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