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Mate20R6 UV flatbed printer 2513 print height up to 400mm

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Product Abstract:

1. Adopting Ricoh Gen6 industrial printhead, original imported Panasonic servo. 2. Maximun print size of 2500mm × 1300mm (8ft*4ft), print thickness of 400mm. 3. Wide applications and high print resolution of 600 × 2400 DPI. 4. Print C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White ink, Varnish. 5. Cost-effective, Eco-friendly and Easy to operate.

Product Description

Mate20R6 is a competitive digital UV flatbed printer using original imported Panasonic

servo system, which makes it work stably and have long life time that more than 10 years.

Adopting new 3-8 pcs grey level Ricoh Gen6 internal heating industrial micro Piezo

print head, It can ensure smooth ink jetting when uv printing. This machine has 7 colors

options with 5-15pl variable droplet printing capability, making precise and intensive

UV printing. It can print any flat materials that thickness are less then 100mm .

Mate20R6 is our heightened model which can reach to print height 400mm and

high speed with 

Ricoh GEN6 Printheads…

What can you do with yotta's uv printers?

What do you want to do ?

In order to create beautiful designs, or start your own business and realize your ideals, or make money…, Whatever it is, keep doing it please!

what effect do you want?

The printing effect is clear and vivid, the image is waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance and do not fade.

The machine operation is simple and convenient, easy-to-use. The speed of printing image is

so quikly that it fully conforms to the printing industry standard. Working stably and instant provision.

What should you do next?

First, inquiry us for more details. Second, you can request a free print samples. Third,

welcome to visit and communicate with us in our company. Of course, you can also

give us an order directly if you have known us well before.


Wide application:

Thicker materials:wine/wood /gifts box suitcase,etc.

Home decoration industry: ceramic tiles, individual furniture, backwall gound, cupboard, ceilings,

home appliance panel…
Advertising industry: poster, backlit, billboard, banner, PVC card, KT board, signage, PP board…
Glass industry: art glass, glass partition, glass sliding door, glass background wall, frosted glass…
Packaging industry: paper, wooden, metal, PVC, leather packaging printing…

Printing materials: glass, phone case, backwall ground, ceramic tiles… more details about free

print samples, please contact us now.


Advance features of Mate20R6 digital uv flatbed printers.


1.  Ricoh Gen6 print head

Imported from Japan, Ricoh Gen6 print head is the high level print head in the industry. With the variable ink droplet range of 5-15pl, it’s highest print resolution is 600 × 2400dpi. Besides, the lifetime of Ricoh printhead can be longer than 5 years if it is well maintained.

2.  Drawer type ink add device

Mate20R6 digiatal UV flatbed printer adopts brand-new ink tank design, easy to use and maintain.

3.  Automatic thickness measuring

Mate20R6 digital uv flatbed printer automatically measure with senses thickness of media, which eliminate the procedure that we measure thickness by ourselves, avoiding damage caused by human error. It is very efficient and accurate.

4.  Automatic anti-collision function

The new anti-collision structure is sensitive and pratical, when coming across with collision ,the print head carriage will stop automatically in order to protect printheads and the whole machine from damage.

5.  The suction platform

The suction platform has an area-controlled suction function with six new ABCDEF areas, which  use more flexible layout increased application surface for different formats of printing media.

6.  New added ink tank level display system

Convenient to check the ink level of the main ink tank in a timely manner with integrating vision and hearing, which is convenient and practical.

7.  Ink thermostat system

This system helps the printer keep ink viscosity in low temperature. It can adapt to ambient temperature automatically, ensuring high-quality digital UV flatbed printing.

8.  Double negative pressure system

Ultra-high stable dual negative pressure system, white varnish color independent negative pressure system to make the negative pressure more accurate.

9.  Multi-color printing

The color options include CMYK, Lc, Lm, and it also allows white ink and varnish printing. Therefore, the Mate20R6 printer can achieve 3D, embossed, glossy effect etc, meeting the special printing needs of various industries.

10. UV LED curing system

YOTTA’s Mate20R6 employs UV LED light for ink curing system, can help ink dry quickly and save more energy. It is environmental, effective, and has a long using life.


Printer model Mate20R6
Print size 2500×1300mm
Print height 400mm
Print head Ricoh Gen6
Number of nozzles 2-8pcs
Printing resolution 600 x 2400dpi
Color System C,M,Y,K,W,LC,LM,V
Ink UV ink
RIP Software Photoprint or ONYX
Color management International standard ICC
Interface mode High speed USB
Power requirement AC220V/3000W;50/6HZ
Working environment the optimum temperature:20℃-28℃,Relative humidity:40%-60%
Printer size 4550×2050×1500(mm)
Printer weight 1250KG
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