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New LED UV Flatbed Printer 9060G5i

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Product Abstract:

1. Adopting Ricoh Gen5i industrial printhead 2. Maximun print size of 900mm × 600mm (4ft × 3ft) 3. Wide applications and high print resolution of 600 × 2400 DPI. 4. Print C, M, Y, K White ink, Varnish. 5. Cost-effective, Eco-friendly and Easy to operate.

Product Description


  • Adopting new 3 pcs grey level Ricoh GEN5i  industrial micro piezo print head;
  • Bright full-color printing on its 90cm×60cm bed;
  • Print CMYK, white ink and varnish (optional);
  • Eco-friendly UV curing ink and UV led curing system.
  • Cylindrical print optional.

Specification: :

Printer Model
Print Size
Print  Head
Ricoh GEN5i
UV Curing System
LED UV lamp
Print Color
Print Thickness
Up to 300mm
Number of print heads
Ink Type
 Eco-friendly UV curable ink
Print speed mode
High speed mode; Normal mode; High resolution mode
Power Requirement
220V/AC,50/60Hz 1.5KW
 print mode
undirectionqal and bidirectional
RIP Software
Material type
Rigid and Flexible material
Printer Weight
Package Size
Printer Size


What materials could be printed ?


wine/wood /gift boxes, suitcase,wood,MDF,phone case,glass,metal,ceramic,leather,paper etc.

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