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The shortcomings of UV printer
2016-07-29 15:14:47
For UV flatbed printer, the print head and ink often arise problems when working.  The print head is easy to clog because of prolonged use, the poor quality of the ink, or being unused for long periods. The poor quality of ink, will affect printing effect by leading to nozzle clogging, and even lead to print head scrap. Some seemingly scrapped head, just because the spray holes are blocked and can not work, this time, we only need a simple rinse to restore its print fuction. 
Sometimes the printing process is normal but lack of color or stroke, or appears image blurring in high-resolution, which caused by slight blockage, it can be solved by using orifice cleaning procedures of UV flatbed printer in general. Once it appears lack of strokes or poor color and other minor jet clogging phenomenon, you should be promptly cleaned the nozzles with a cleaning program. And if you fill ink or cleaning the nozzle holes frequently during printing,  but the print quality is still poor or badly clogged nozzle, or the machine can not charge ink, or UV Printer refuses to work, you can only wash it by manual.  
Manual cleaning is not complex, however, it need to disassemble the nozzle, and it should not be cleaned too frequently. Hand washing method is to use syringe, a section of rubber tube that can be set on the needle, cleaning liquid, magnifying glass of about ten times, hard plastic knives and other tools. After removing the nozzle, carefully find the clogged nozzle with magnifying glass, and then inject the cleaning liquid into the nozzle holes with a syringe, and use a hard plastic knife to scrape the residue from the edge of the spray hole if necessary.
Besides, the usage amount of UV ink is large. Especially after long use, the ink have an impact on the nozzles and print results, it may appear ink stacked which affects print image quality. Therefore, the correct selection and proper maintenance of the ink nozzles, is the non-ignorable issue of each UV printer user.
For a long time to stop using a UV printer, it is better to place the entire ink system after cleaning it with cleaning liquid, to avoid printhead clogging.

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