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Common problems of UV flatbed printing for wine box
2016-08-06 15:01:12
Recently, there are lots of customers ask a series questions about wine box printing of UV flatbed printer. Today, Yotta is going to make some suggestions for matters related to it, to give all customers a reference!
Wine box printing
As we all know, flatbed printer is a kind of digital printing equipment and its operation is actually very simple. It is very convenient to use because it doesn't exist many skills.
Wine box printing with UV flatbed printer, in fact, is similar to the operation with glass printing, ceramic printing, etc. Before printing, according to design pattern, the operator set the relevant print parameters with some graphic design software (such as PS) on the computer. And then settle down the wine box on the printer platform. After this, send print instruction on computer and the printing starts. And you can take the wine box out after printing finishing. 
Though it is simple, but there still some problem need to be paid attention.
1. When it thunders, remove the power plug from the outlet to prevent the machine from being damaged.
2. No putting other items on flatbed printer.
3. Don't turn off the power or touch the print cable and the metal parts of carriage during printing.
4. The print head is hot. Do not touch until the temperature drops.
5. Do not disassemble, move, drag the flatbed printer. If there is fault, contact the professional staff.
6. Prohibit foreign bodies (staples, metal, liquid, etc.) into the machine, which may cause electric shock or malfunction.
7. Printing machine should be equipped with continuous power supply, such as UPS power supply, to prevent the printer from being damaged due to a sudden power outages or voltage instability in normal work.

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