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Metal printing with flatbed printer
2016-08-01 15:03:55
Metal printing, similar to glass printing and wood printing, is using digital flatbed printer to spray ink directly on the metal material surfaces. With UV digital flatbed printing technology to print metal, the pattern expansion greatly exceeds the traditional printing.
By flatbed printer, you can print high-resolution pattern, logo, text on the surface of metal with bright colors, rich and lifelike effects. The pattern printed can be waterproof, sunscreen and wear-resistant, which is not easy to fade. The operation of flatbed printer is also simple and convenient, and the printing speed is very fast, which reduce the technical requirements of the operator, improve production efficiency. Metal printing can be widely used in gift processing industry, metal signage printing, metal furniture panel and other metal personalized printing.
The greatest feature of tablet printer is the printing contents and effects can be changed at any time, which means that it can print one for one. For example, each product number on the back of the metal plate corresponds to a product, and this time, the advantage of flat printer is shown. This is also applicable to the reasons why it is suitable for personalized printing.
Besides, flatbed printer has a adaptability to a variety of materials, it is not only the metal printer, but also glass printer, wood printer, plastic printer or any other kind of printer you need.
The followings are some effects of metal printing.
Flatbed printing on metal panel
Personalized metal printing | Metal gift printing

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