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Is prepress proofing important´╝č
2016-08-03 14:40:05
In order to verify printing effec, we will make the proofing test before the actual printing of UV flatbed printer, so that the customers can see the real effect. Therefore, prepress proofing plays a very important role in printing.
The prepress proofing is an important basis for quality control, as well as a bridge of communication with customers. According to the proofing results, we can discuss whether it is achieve the standard that customers need, and decide to modify or mass production. It can help customers to check whether the setting of text, images, colors and page that printing pattern contained is correct, in order to make timely modification. In particular, the color of pattern is most difficult to control, because different substrates and ink will cause the change of it. Therefore, proofing test can be carried out before high-volume printing, to check whether the color is consistent with the design, and then decide what to continue. Prepress proofing can reduce disputes between flatbed printer manufacturer and customers for the not ideal printing effect. 
UV flatbed printer is easy to operate and its printing speed is fast. Only to ready the picture in the computer and click Print, it is going to work. Before print processing, we need to process the picture or design our own patterns, so we need to understand the graphics software of UV flatbed printer first, which is more used is PhotoShop.
The proofing sample can be used as the contract sample of manufacturer and customers. The final printing effect must be consistent with the sample, and the contract sample is better produced shortly before high-volume pint jobs, in order to avoid fade and distortion for long time placement.
Here is a poofing video of Yotta. 
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