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Glass Partition Wall Printing
2015-03-24 14:29:46

With the development of people’s living standard, our aesthetic pursuits have been heightened, and our requirements regarding basic life have changed from simple to diversification. With this trend, the former simple decoration style is far from meeting our needs. Now the large glass partition wall which combines new technology and artist with modern style have earned consumers’ favor. Currently on the market, YOTTA UV flatbed printer is your best choice when producing glass partition wall !


Glass partition wall printing


YOTTA is a UV printer manufacturer with rich experience and large scale factory workshop, we produce a wide range of models of digital UV printing machines; we hire the most skilled technicians, so that the quality and service can be ensured. YOTTA UV flatbed printers are provided with following advantages when UV printing:

(1) The minimum printing quantity is one piece, the templates or films are not needed. The cost is low and print with small quantities is alright.

(2) Any flat material can be printed. 

(3) Multicolor printing in one time without chromatography, high precision printing and no color difference between the end product and the pictures.

(4) High printing speed. The ink dries when the printing is done, no particular process needed during the printing, and the heating part can totally be eliminated.

(5) The color will never be faded, and it can’t be scratched neither. It is waterproof, wearable and eco-friendly.


Welcome to visit us! The sample making is free on factory site or we can send the sample to you.

Choose YOTTA UV printers, choose good service! Buy with confidence, use with no worries!



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