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D.PES Exhibition Review
2015-03-16 13:34:01

D.PES Exhibition Review

Warm congratulations to YOTTA for successfully attending Advertising Exhibition in Guangzhou with its laudable UV flatbed printers. The exhibition took three and a half days long dated from March 6 to March 9.

YOTTA sent over 20 personnels to warmly receive the people around the world. It took 5 days from arranging to leaving, and YOTTA has reaped its fruits with everyone’s great efforts. We had reached deals with 27 clients during the exhibition!

Through the exhibition, YOTTA met many clients around the world, having chance to know their needs and it has figured out a way of the R&D of UV flatbed printing machines; it also had expanded its market as well as visibility, more and more people recognize the leading technology, multifunction and the comprehensive service of YOTTA, as well as its flatbed printers. The communication between YOTTA and the companies of the same occupation has been strengthened; we hope to develop together!

The huge success of YOTTA flatbed UV printer is closely connected with all the clients. Here we sincerely appreciate all the friends who offer us great support! Thank you so much for your valuable comments and we surely will try to improve our products! And special thanks to the clients who closed deals with us, thank you for your trust! 


Advertising Exhibition in Guangzhou
The outside of Exhibition hall
YOTTA printer attened Advertising Exhibition in Guangzhou
Arranging the exhibition
YOTTA UV printer, Advertising Exhibition in Guangzhou
Complete the arrangement of exhibition
YOTTA UV printer,Advertising Exhibition
The interior of exihibition
UV flatbed printer attened Advertising Exhibition
Exhibition guests visited YOTTA Booth
Clents of YOTTA
The guests from all around the world
Warm received the foreign customers
Warm received the foreign customers
Explain the details for each guests
Explain the details for each guests
watched the printing operation in spot
The customers watched the printing operation in spot
quality test of UV printing
The cusomers tested the quality of samples

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