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YOTTA UV flatbed printers guarantee quality, integrity 315!
2015-03-14 09:33:36
3.15th is coming soon, and YOTTA UV printer welcome it with our high quality products and honest business.
3.15th is the "World Consumer Rights Day", of which purpose is expand the rights and interests of consumers protection propaganda to get attention in the world, so as to promote cooperation and exchanges between the countries and regions of consumer organizations and protect the rights and interests of consumers better in the international scope.
Every 3.15th, CCTV holds 3.15th party to expose a series of companies, which makes some companies frightened. In fact, YOTTA believe that as long as the enterprise products have quality guaranteed, reasonable price and good service, we are good enterprises. Because the purpose of 3.15th is to maintain the customer right, oppose fake trade and maintain the normal operation of competition in the market, so as to improve the competitiveness and sustainable development of enterprises.
YOTTA is a famous UV flatbed printer manufacturer in China with the most complete types, specifications and models of UV printing machines. We own the advanced technique, experienced technical team, good service and guaranted quality products. We take every day as 3.15th to develop our work. We dare to accept the supervision and inspection of all customers.
Our flatbed printers adopt Epson original printhead with fast print speed and high quality printing performance. It is easy to operate. With stable performance and powerful functions, YOTTA UV printers have been widely used in various printing fields. The hardware is not easily damaged under proper usage. The UV ink is suitable for any materials printing,and waterproof scratch.
Our flatbed printers are on hot sale now. Welcome you to our company for on-the-spot investigation. We offer the free proofing tests in live or you can send your materials to us for proofing test. Only to purchase the quality but not the fear. 

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