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YOTTA printers wish you a happy Dargon Boat Festival
2013-04-27 10:15:28

Dragon Boat Festival is Chinese traditional festival--lunar new year in early May. Each family hangs AI leaves of Acorus calamus, have dragon-boat racing, eat dumplings, and males drink rice wine ... ... These are practices for more than 2000 years of the Chinese nation.

Dragon Boat Festival is to ommemorate the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who said : The road ahead will be long and my climb qill be steep. The great poet Qu Yuan's poems still echoes in our hearts after the Millennium and inspire us to make progress. Recalling the first half of 2012, YOTTA UV printer has made many positive achievements. In the face of the achievements we got, in addition to delight, we still actively look for gaps between outstanding enterprises to keep up with them, so as to serve the customer better.

Facing enormous competition in the market environment, established targets of YOTTA have been reduced in a timely manner, and we still stay calm. we invest more on the technical innovation and employee quality improving. We don't ask for maximum benefit, we just want the most steady development. On the occasion of the season, we are not only to commemorate Qu Yuan, what's more, we inherit and carry forward his great spirit, his sticking to the truth. Though there will be many difficulties ahead, we learn to thrive on problems. Qu Yuan's spirit of patriotic loyalty inspires our  loyalty and devotion to the company!

YOTTA UV printers wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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