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YOTTA UV printers are hot
2013-04-16 09:38:51

As a professional UV printer manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, YOTTA has been favored by the market  since the launch UV flatbed printers. Compared to other digital printing machines, YOTTA UV printers have obvious advantages. YOTTA printers utilize LED-UV curing technology for ink curing to guarantee high quality print effects and achieve quick drying. The ink system uses the most advanced UV ink with good adhesion. Equipped with 4 pcs or 6 pcs print heads normally, it can be avoid high-cost maintenance. The nozzle unit price is excellent performance, normally they are Epson printheads, which is equivalent to traditional UV printer multiple nozzles. With LED-UV cold light source, the curing system is low heat and long life!

Hot selling YOTTA UV printers 

YOTTA is aimed to meet the requirements of the customers of various industries through directly print to almost any materials. The fast curing feature further expands your business! All these UV printing machines support for multicolor printing on deep color or light color substrates with glorious effect.

YOTTA sincerely welcome customers and friends to our factory for proofing, to discuss cooperation. 

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