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Personalized custom printing help enterprises to achieve design dreams
2016-04-27 17:59:09

Integrating design, printing and postpress, personalized printing has a very extensive application.

In recent years, digital printer, which support personalized custom printing, is becoming more mature, faster, higher quality, and more reliable, printing costs of per page also decreased rapidly. New technology and work processes make production processes more perfect and automation. The rapid development of Internet highlights the advantages of personalized, and provides support for personalized printing data processing at the same time. All these provide the basis for the rapid development of personalized printing.

However, personalized printing faces many challenges in the process of implementation. First, This is not only pure technical problems, but also the market and management issues, including the need for standards, data processing and safety, the accuracy of the sheet, and processing requirements after binding, market acceptance and demand. Second, from the current situation, it has not become a truly mature industry. The key is that it needs more businesses to invest in it and add impetus to it, to turn potential market into a real industry, open up new profit point for it as well. According to a survey conducted by IBM, 71% of customers plans to use personalized printing in the next two or three years, 43% will use personalized color printing technology.

Currently, personalized printing is growing very fast in the field of demand printing, partly because manufacturers have started to develop target market for their target customers consciously; the other is the increasing emphasis of the end-user on their own personalized and the increasing requirement of printing quality, promote the popularization and application of personalization printing In short, for printed matter, develops to individualization is a trend, it represents the future direction of print, the potential market will become a new development space of printing business. With the application of personalized printing , there will be more enterprises to realize the dream to print beautifully annual report, tender, like books, brochures, samples, which can establish a good image for themselves and win in the competition.

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