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UV LED curing technology
2016-08-13 15:06:37
With the popularity of UV curing technology in printing industry, the printing method that using UV LED light as curing light source is concerned by more and more printing enterprises. And here YOTTA tells you about the principle of UV LED curing.
UV curing refers to the process that the photopolymerization initiator of UV ink absorbs UV light of different wavelength and energy under the irradiation of UV light source, produce reactive free radicals or  ion radicals, which cause polymerization, cross-linking and grafting reaction to make UV coating, inks, adhesives and others from a liquid into a solid and adsorption on printed materials.
UV LED(Light Emitting Diode) light source is a product that UV light technology develops towards more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly. It is a semiconductor electronic device that can emit very narrow spectral half width, and can transform electric energy into light energy. With photoelectric conversion principle, doping impurity on semiconductor substrates to generate PN junction, the luminescence mechanism causes the electric effect. The collusion of electron and the positive charges converts into optical energy when moving. The radiation wave crest is single, and the light energy is concentrated in a section of ultraviolet spectrum with effective solidification. Because the spectral half width is much narrower than that of the traditional UV source,  the energy is highly concentrated, low heat energy and more uniform irradiation. Use UV LED light source can reduce print waste of resources, reduce printing costs, so as to save print production time and greatly improve production efficiency.

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