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UV-LED Light of UV Printer
2015-05-12 16:33:57

With the development of UV printing technology, UV LED light now is an essential part of a UV LED inkjet flatbed printer. Compared to the traditional UV curable light source, UV LED lamp has its unique advantages which make its applications into various industries.


The unique advantages of UV LED light for UV inkjet printing


1. Without or with little organic solvent volatile since the inks are cured by UV light, which is among ecological friendly products and non-mercury.

2. UV-LED curing system with low heats enables the printers print onto thin plastics, since UV-LED technique significantly decreases heats generated during curing process.

3. It can be applied to virtually any substrates, from rigid material to flexible material, and from absorbable material to non-absorbable material.

4. Notably reduces drying time of inks and enhances production efficiency since the UV light can cure inks in an extremely short time.

5. It cuts costs and conserves energy. Compares with traditional metal halide lamps, it saves more than 70% energy than the former and preheat procedure is unnecessary, so UV LED lamp can be turned on or off at any time as it is needed.


Typical applications of UV LED flatbed printer


1. Glass industry

UV LED inkjet flatbed printer can print images onto glass directly, which can perfectly replace hand-paintings and achieve a printing process with non-plate, high efficiency, low costs and bright colors. Easy operations save much time for clients and the application of printer has already brought considerable economic profits for users.

 UV LED print onto glass


 2. Decoration industry

UV LED printer delivers various images onto ceilings, aluminum panels, stones, ceramics and many more decorative materials, which meets the demand of personalized decorations and brings new craft techniques and substantial benefits to decoration industry.

Decoration printing industry

3. Furniture

UV LED ink jet flatbed printing machine enables vivid images be printed onto wardrobes, desks, sofas, coffee tables and many other kinds of furniture, which make our living environment more pleasant and comfortable. It is featuring high performance in water-proof, durability, chemical-resistance and more.

UV print on furniture


4.  Signage industry

UV LED printer is able to bring photorealistic images onto a wide array of rigid material and it decreases costs and simplify process while it improves the firmness. It surpasses traditional ways like screen printing and membrane-pasting and has become ideal equipment for manufacturers who produce electrical signage, traffic signage, safety signage, reflective signage and more.

Signage printing industry

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