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What is UV coating in printing?
2016-08-15 17:18:12
UV coated

What is UV coating?

UV coating is actually a compound that applied in UV printing. With this compound, you can get your color brighter and color fastness better prints. In UV printing, all materials can be UV coated UV coating so as to improve the adhesion of the patterns and achieve better curing effect. However, it does not mean that all the print matters should be UV coated. 

What need to be coated and why?

Something need not to be coated because UV ink is corrosive, which can corrode the surface of matters to make a better adhesion of ink on the objects surface, and will not damage the objects at the same time. UV printer adopts UV LED curing technology and UV ink, theoretically, UV ink can be attached to any plane material. But the materials such as metal, ceramic, glass, PC need to be processed with coating. Because the surface of them are smooth, the adhesion is not strong enough with UV coating, and easy to fade or happens dark images. So, it is necessary for these items because it can enhance the pattern color.

Which UV coating to use?

Many matters can use this compound, however, it is not universal on various substrates. The use of coating should be consistent with printing matters, also consider the performance of UV ink. So, there are many kinds of UV coatings, metal coating, ABS coating, leather coating, silicone coating, glass coating, and PC coating are common. 

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