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How to select UV coating
2016-08-19 14:57:28
We know that UV printing has a applicability to most materials, which make it achieves a high quality printing on glass, metal, ceramic, acrylic, wood and other objects. However, we know that the adhesion of UV ink may be not good enough when print glass, metal, and some wood boards with smooth surface, and it may be easy to fade. So, it is a important process to use UV curing coating to help its attachment.
How to select UV coating | YOTTA
To select UV coating correctly, we need to pay attention to the following six aspects.
1. Adhesion
There are many methods to test the adhesion, for example, crosscut adhesion test. If you have a higher requirement for your prints quality, you can test whether the print pattern fades after soaking or boiling. Adhesion is the key to evaluate UV coatings.
2. Leveling property
Leveling property is a common performance index of coatings. It refers to the capacity that the scratches and spray mist particles can automatic flow to a flat smooth surface when UV coated on the materials. UV coating with bad leveling property will affect the decorative effect of products. What's more, if scratches will not disappear, the uneven surface of the coating may rub the print heads of UV printer, causing significant losses.
3. Filming transparency
As high value-added decorative products, UV print products are asked for a exquisite appearance. It needs the coating film is colorless and transparent. 
4. Weather resistance
For UV prints, especially the outdoor signs, billboards, it must keep a bright color and can't fade in a long time. This requires the UV coating has the ability of ultraviolet protection. Even if it is UV printing products for indoor use, generally also needs to consider weather resistant, to ensure product quality.
5. The ease of use
At present, UV printer coating can be divided into three categories: the one-component, the two component and the multi-component. Being compared with the other two, one-component UV coating has a greater advantage in the use without having to configure.
6. Product safety
This is a issue that needs to be taken seriously. Solvent based UV coating not only smells big, but also has security hidden danger in improper storage. Considering the high investment of UV ink jet printer, it is better to choose a safer water-based UV curing coating. If you use solvent-based coating, YOTTA suggests you store it separately from UV printer, to put an end to security risks.

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