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How to remove varnish smell in UV printing
2016-08-22 15:39:55
When using UV printer or getting new printed products in UV printing, it often smells the pungent odor, and sometimes may feel unwell. Many people understand that it is a disadvantage of UV printer and think it is a normal phenomenon. YOTTA is not to regard it as right, because some of varnish smell can be avoided, and it mainly depends on the issues that cause the smell. The followings are some reasons and its solutions.
R1:Not completely dried and UV cured.
S1: Reduce the printing speed or increase the power of the UV curing light source.
R2: Poor UV light source or lamp aging
S2: Exchange the UV curing lamp and choose a suitable one. If you are using high-voltage mercury lamp, its average service life is about 1000 hours. With the use of it, the electrode gradually decomposes, the inner wall produce deposition, which makes its transparency and UV transmittance gradually decline. Therefore, regularly to detect UV curing light, promptly replace the faulty lamp, in order to ensure complete cure of UV ink.
In addition, the right handling of UV lamp must be noted. It should not be holding the quartz glass body of UV light, otherwise the grease on the skin will adhere on it. It can only hold the ceramic end, or wear non linen gloves. It can be cleaned with an alcohol solvent to remove the grease on the tube after contacting the light tube.
R3: The UV varnish used has poor antioxidant interference ability.
S3:  To strengthen the workshop ventilation, exhaust (air) system.
R4:Too much non-reactive diluents added into UV varnish.
S4:Replace varnish  types if necessary.
UV varnish is transparent liquid, which UV ray from the upper layer to lower layer without any obstacles. 
When testing the varnish quality, apply UV varnish in ordinary white paper or white cardboard surface in a thickness of 0.5mm or thicker with a brush, and then cure it under UV lamp. If there is no any air bubbles on the coating surface, and it is very smooth, it indicates the UV varnish purchased is high-quality.

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