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Choosing the reliable UV flatbed printer and manufacturer for yourself
2016-07-13 16:11:27
When you intend to buy a UV flatbed printer, if you want to get the best performance of the printer with the best price,  you should first consider the configurations, working life and after-sales service, etc. Why? Because the production capacity of UV flatbed printer manufacturers have a certain relationship with  technology. And followings can be some ways for you to judge. 
1. Understand the brand, the manufacturer's reputation through the network, check the relevant information.
2. Go to the factory to visit. The UV flat bed printing machine is not cheap, so, to visit the factory is necessary. And you can know the plant size, service attitude, professional knowledge, production capacity, and so on.
3. The printing effect and stability are the keys for digital UV flatbed printer. You can proofing and comparison to test several times.
4. The price is not the only criteria. Different manufacturers and different models will have a  different price. You should choose a good after-sales service, which is quality guaranteed.
5. Pay attention to the contract signing, including after-sales, maintenance, warranty, accessories, and others. The most important issues to selecting flatbed UV printer, are its stability, nozzle selection, the maintenance costs later(the cost of replacing the nozzle), after-sales service and other factors.
In many of UV inkjet printer manufacturers in China, YOTTA can be a good choice for its famous brand, high quality printing devices and complete after service.  Take the model as a example, YOTTA is a pioneer that is engaged in R & D of UV tablet printer, and it has accumulated rich experience in UV printer industry. YOTTA has developed a series of UV flat printer, hybrid UV printers as well as garment printers. It is one of the famous printer manufacturer  in China. It also the company that provides more and better choices to select the flat bed printer.

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