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UV Flatbed Printer Maintenance under High Temperature
2016-07-11 14:41:48

Hot weather will have a lot of bad impact on digital UV flatbed printer. For example, the high temperature will affect the control board to become hot and affect the printing performance, or even cause damage to the circuit. Hot, dry environment will affect the quality of the ink, causing the evaporation of water, the ink viscosity increases, causing color distortion or even plug the nozzle. Then, how to maintain UV inkjet flatbed printer in hot weather?

Flatbed UV printer maintenance

In fact, it is very simple, these problems are also mentioned  in our work environment requirements. Specific approach is maintain the working environment of ventilation. In ventilated environment, it is easy to  send out the heat away from the machine to prevent the room temperature rise. If it is difficult to achieve the ventilation requirements under natural conditions, you can install the cooling ventilation equipment, such as exhaust fans, fan or air-conditioning equipment, humidifiers, etc. And through the ventilation equipment to keep the air stream flowing and indoor and outdoor air exchange, to achieve thermal cooling effect. Maintaining proper indoor temperature of the flatbed printer, to keep it in best working condition.



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