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Why choose YD2512-RD UV flatbed printer for plastic
2016-10-26 17:11:36
Printing on plastic can be done in a number of methods according the product required, such as screen printing and flexo printing. But what I would like to talk about here is UV printing and the UV flatbed printing machine for it. 
UV printing, also called digital UV printing, UV inkjet printing, is a new technology compared to traditional printing, and it has become more and more popular for its gradual maturity. We know that UV printing machine has a wide substrates adaptability for its unique direct ink jet printing technology. Therefore, UV flatbed printer is also widely used in plastic materials now, such as plastic cards, plastic phone cases, plastic films, plastic packaging box and so on. And it can print from rigid plastic materials to flexible plastic materials.
About the UV flatbed printing machine for plastic, I recommend YD2512-RD flatbed UV printer, of course, it is not without reason.
YD2512-RD is a flatbed UV inkjet printing machine that YOTTA has launched for a period of time, and this give it time to be witnessed the superiority and success of it by the market. With generous and simple appearance, this UV inkjet printing machine work with high performance.
YD2512-RD UV flatbed printer for plastic

YD2512-RD flatbed UV printer print on rigid plastic sheets

With the print thickness of 100mm, YD2512-RD deliver full-color UV ink printing and fast UV curing system, which help to form image on the plastic surface with the characteristic of anti-UV, washable, weather resistance. The prints can be used in outdoor and indoor. YD2512-RD UV flatbed printing machine has the high print speed of 36m²per hour and superior print resolution of 600×2400dpi, which can meets the demands of professional graphics demands. It can used to print POP display items, plastic cards, vinyl labels, stickers, PVC and so many more. With the air blowing and suction function, the ultra material can be loaded and unloaded easily, time-saving and labor-saving. Besides, YD2512-RD printer can measure the substrate thickness automatically and location the media, when carry out quantity production, it can ensure that each print is the same.

YD2512-RD UV flatbed printer print on flexible plastic material

Flexible plastic material is normal heat sensitive, and when the temperature is high, it is easy to deform. Obviously, the traditional UV curing with mercury lamp is not suitable for it. YOTTA YD2512-RD flatbed printer employs UV LED lamp for UV curing system, which is low heat, energy-saving and green. It can be used for heat sensitive materials printing without harming the media structure. In addition to this, flexible plastic is often applied in advertising, the large print area of YD2512-RD is up to 2500mm×1250mm, can meet the various needs of the industry.
In addition to the above, YD2512-RD still has lots of advantages, I believe that it is a good UV flatbed printer for your printing business and you will certainly satisfied with it.

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