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Why Should Use the UV Ink of Original Factory
2016-06-27 15:44:13

We have known how to store UV ink, and now, according to some customers'feedback about UV LED flatbed printer, another question is put forward: Why we should use the UV printing ink of original factory?

UV ink for UV printer


As we all know, nozzle clogging is the most frequent problem when using a flatbed printer. One mainly reason of nozzle clogging is the use of bad ink. Some users use the ink that is lower cost on the market after running out of the original ink. And the problem is that the ink that cost less has more inpurities. In other words, compared to the purity of the original ink, the cheaper's is not high with uncertain quality. Therefore, in the process of using flatbed printer, nozzle clogging occurs frequently.

In fact, friends ever used UV LED flatbed printer all know, the cost of a print head is far higher than the cost of ink. Use UV printing ink that may be poor quality saled by small factory to save  little expenses, may cause nozzle clogging, leaving printing interruption or even damage the nozzle directly which is not worth the candle. And it means that you have problem in delivery time at the same time. To say the least, there is no any problem when you use the ink, but you can not gurantee the quality of the finished products is as good as you use the original ink.

Besides, another important reason  for using the original ink is due to technical issue. UV LED printer's definition is that it uses UV LED curing technology, which is UV LED light matching with UV ink. It means that only the charateristics of UV ink is consisient with the wavelength of UV LED light can achieve complete drying. Therefore, if the printer manufacturers use different curing lamp power, the UV ink they use should be different. Although the curing lamp power is the same, the print colors are still likely to be a problem. So, think carefully before you change ink manufaturer.

YOTTA checks on the well in the ink performance. In addition to require test report provided by manufacturer, YOTTA will use the ink three months to six months before delivering it to customers to make sure the ink quality, fundamentally putting an end to the blockage caused by ink.

However, don't forget to pay attention whether the UV LED printer's curing lamp wavelength is matching with the UV ink if you want to change ink manufaturer.

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