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Differences between Ricoh printhead and EPSON Dx5 printhead
2016-06-12 17:58:52

In recent years, with the maturity of UV printing technology, there are more and more digital printing devices on the market, as well as kinds of inkjet printheads. The printing effect and the living life are the points we most concern when we buy a printing equipment. Here are some differences between EPSON Dx5 printhead and Ricoh printhead which is popular nearly two years.

At present, Ricoh launched a total of two generation printhead for digital inkjet printing, Gen4 and Gen5. Both of them, made of stainless steel, are using  4-8 gary level industrial micro piezo print head with internal heating system. Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5 both can print two color with one head, but we usually print one color with a Ricoh Gen4. In terms of inkjet effect, Epson Dx5 printhead has a higher resolution with the capability to print 3.5pl ink droplet. However, compared to the machine adopts Epson head, the printing effect of UV flatbed printers with Ricoh printhead is not inferior. The effect comes out is very fine uniform and nature.

Although Epson nozzles has the highest accuracy, but its printing speed is slower and its service life is shorter. It can generally be used 8-10 months, some even only 3-5 months. There is  a reason. First, printhead works without maintenance well. Second, using secondary encryption product. In 2013 , people refitted slovent printers and UV flatbed printers with Epson printheads, and Epson encrypted their printheads. But it still can be decrypted. ToIn order to further prevent this phenomenon, a secondary encrypted version is launched, leading to relatively shorter using time.

Compared to Epson Dx5, Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5 are corrosion resistant. Beside, they have constant temperature system, which makes them will not be affected by the change of ink viscosity and temperature, not susceptible to environmental impact, applicable to a variety of ink types, when the printed image is clear. What's more, the ink flowing is stable. It is very suitable for long-time uninterruptted working and their service life can be up to five years under good maintainece.


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