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Deal with Color Bias on UV Flatbed Printer
2016-07-01 14:43:36

For some friends just entering the tablet printing industry, the color bias on UV flatbed printer is a often occurring issue. And they can do nothing about it for the lack of experience. On this issue, YOTTA conclueds some reasons and solutions for UV tablet printer users.

Printing process of UV flatbed printer


1. Printer driver problems. The printer driver is not completely or drive file was damaged, appear partial color. It can be resolved by re installing driver.

2. Ink problem. Some ink does not have an excellent color performance, the use of UV ink with poor quality will lead to color bias. Besides, the ink used is not the same may also cause effect with the original is not the same, because the ink of different ink manufacturers may have different toner content, leading different printing effect. So, as far as possible to choose the original manufacturer of printing ink or choose the same brand of ink.

3. The ink of UV flatbed printer generally has four, six, eight colors. If the nozzle of a color block, lack of color appear, then printing effect will appear deviation. By printing test strips to detect each print head is normal or not, whether there is a nozzle clogging or the ink cartridge out of ink. If the nozzle clogging, clean it, begin to print until the test results normal. In generally, the nozzle should be checked before printing, which is a good habit the printer users should develop.

4. The ICC curve is not set correctly, the amount of ink is not set suitably, also will lead to the not ideal printing effect and appear color bias phenomenon. In this case, you need to reset the printing curve and the volume of ink. It is the best that the curve conforms to your products.

5. The color gamut space is narrow. Some low-priced printer with less print color can not print some color for its narrow color gamut space. No matter how to make color management, it's in vain.  Therefore, carefully to select a printing machine for your products is very important. If the machine are already in use, you can use the ink control software. If it doesn't no work, you can choose to replace the ink.

Above are some methods to deal with color bias on a UV flatbed printer summarized by YOTTA, hoping to help you.



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