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FAQs of UV flatbed printer for novice users(2)
2016-07-04 14:37:38

The followings are some additional questions and solutions of FAQs of UV flatbed printer, to help people to solve the general problem during UV printing.

UV printing on glass


1. In the UV printing process, the paltform suddenly all moving out and the carriage reposition, there is no error message on UV flatbed printer button panel.

A:  a. Check whether USB cable is loose;
     b. Uninstall the printer driver in the control panel and reinstall it.
     c. If nothing works, check whthere the C disk space is not big enough.
     d. Change other computers to try;
     e. Check whether the input voltage is stable.

2. The inkjet print head is normal last time, there are some colors can't be print out this time. And it still can't work after cleaning head.
A: Such situation are mostly lead by too much waste ink on clean unit surface.The cleaning unit has a variety of function includes removing unnecessary wasteink, cleaning nozzles and sealing nozzle, etc. Being used without regular maintenance for a long time, the waste ink will stack and dry on the cleanining unit surface, greatly affect the normal work of the cleaning unit. It will cause a clog if the inkjet print head of UV flatbed printer are not well protected.

3. In the UV printing process, there is a pattern of about ghosting, is the print head broken?
A: Wipe the grating strips until it is clean with a cotton cloth or paper towel. Its position is in the upper end of the carriage guide rail , a transparent bar.Some customers ignore to maintenance when using a UV flatbed printer, leading operating environment dirty and chaotic. The body and platform are full of waste ink. Grating bar is a precision component,  if there is dust or ink, the sensor on the rear side of carriage can not work properly, causing the print result appears ghost.
Therefore, in the process of using flatbed printer, ensure that the printer surface cleaning is also very necessary.



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