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UV Ink Storage
2015-04-18 16:52:03

UV ink is the  the most applied one for UV flatbed printers, and its quality has a great influence on the printed images and the lifetime of  print heads. The ink for UV printing is different from the normal inks, so the storage of UV ink are special. Here YOTTA would love to talk about how to keep high ink quality and lengthen their lifetime and more.

Due to its particular materials,  UV inks will be cured if strong UV light sheds on it. When UV light irradiates to UV ink, some chemical processes will occur. So, remember to keep it in dark places. Use it immediately after the UV ink is opened and seal it after the using, so the contact between ink and light can be prevented and the dusts from air will not fall into ink tank.

Another point to be noted is to keep UV inks in shade. We'd better put it onto a metal or glass platform in the innermost place of the warehouse. Put black plastic bottles of ink into the cardboard boxes and do not put other articles onto the boxes. Non-staff do not touch UV ink because it is corrosive to some extent. If it stains the eyes or skins, do remember wash with clean water immediately.

We'd better read the instructions carefully before using the ink for UV printers, and consult professional technicians when it comes to the storing or refilling of UV inks especially when you are a green hand in this field.

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