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Waste Ink Suction
2015-04-01 08:41:12

There may exist many questions for novice customers who have just bought flatbed UV printers, among them the most common one must be the replacement of consumer goods, while ink is the one which needed to be replaced most frequently. When ink runs out or need to be refilled, there still left some waste ink to be taken out. Then question comes, how to suction them? Here YOTTA explains the correct operating methods when dealing the waste ink.

Firstly, make sure the ink car back to the initial position, then pull the waste ink tube out from the cartridges and insert a 50ML syringe into the tube.

Then completely extracted the ink with the syringe, and put the tube back in the cartridges. In this process one thing should be noticed, that is we cannot let it go until there's no pull-back strength. And we cannot pull the syringe out immediately when the suction finished.

We also should pay attention to the following three circumstances when suctioning the waste ink:

1. If leak happens when suctioning the ink, it means there are some problems with the leak proof of machine's cleaning system. And it can be solve by replacing the protector of print heads.

2. If ink sac leak happens, it shows the ink sac is impaired and a new one needs to be replaced.

3. The printer must be cleaned every time after the suction is finished, so that the "siphon" phenomenon can be avoided and the unnecessary loss or the pollution of the whole ink system won't happen.

In conclusion, we have to deal with the waste ink by following the correct instructions. To protect the printer, novice customers should operate the machine in accordance with the manual or technical training lessons. And when malfunction appears, please contact professional technicians rather than take apart the printer by yourself when you can't solve it.

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