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Why Colors Are Stained?
2015-03-28 09:03:49

Flatbed inkjet UV printer is capable of delivering detailed and eye-catching printed images with exceptional solid colors and smooth gradations. However, color stain sometimes happens, and why?Is there any solutions? YOTTA is willing to give some answers to help the users:

There are mainly two factors of color stain: the print heads jets ink obliquely; there is something wrong with the circuit board.

Firstly, we'll discuss the oblique inkjet. The print heads may be blocked, an internal cleaning is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of them. If cleaning doesn't solve the problem, we should replace the print heads. In the market, the commonly used print heads are the fifth generation oil type print heads, and we'd better to buy direct from manufacturers whose print heads are imported with high quality.

Secondly is the malfunction of circuit board. It often occurs on the re-equipped printers rather than independent researched and developed printers. The circuit boards of re-equipped printers are from photo machines and regular printers. In order to achieve UV printing crafts, many other widgets will be added to the original circuit boards, and this leads to the extremely unstableness of flatbed inkjet UV printers. And we suggest finding the manufacturer to solve this problem. What's more, we'd better buy flatbed inkjet UV printers from standard manufacturers due to their techniques are much more mature.

With over ten years' research, design, development and numerous feedbacks from the clients, YOTTA has proved that we are always bringing you outstanding, reliable products and the industry's comprehensive services and supports. You can buy with confidence, use with reassurance and always have peace of mind!

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