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UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer Components
2015-03-27 10:39:35

UV flatbed inkjet printer has won the favor of people in various industries with its capability of producing photorealistic images onto a wide array of substrates. There are so many models and brands in the market, how to choose a good one? The core component of inkjet printer flatbed is an important aspect we should take into consideration when buying printers.

1. An essential component of a UV printer is print head. If the quality of print head is poor, then don't have any expectations for its printing effect. Generally the domestic manufacturers use imported print heads, such as the print heads of EPSON, RICOH, TOSHIBA, KONICA, SEIKO etc.

2. The boards of printers also play an important role. It generally includes color board, movement board, servo board, USB board, drive board and print head board. All the boards should be well coordinated and matched.

3. The ink pump. Some civil UV inkjet flatbed printers adopt domestic ink pumps, but when comes with industrial production, the imported pumps are more suitable and the pumps mainly are black.

4. Special cap station should be equipped with the filters so the contact between ink and air can be prevented. Flatbed UV printers for industrial production mainly adopt imported filters including ink filter, air filter, UV filter, PALL filter, Cobetter filter and extended long filter.

5. Servomotor. Imported servomotor improves the stability of inkjet UV printer.

6. The LED light is the key of the fast ink drying time. Comparing with the traditional mercury, the LED light is more safe and eco-friendly. The prices of LED lights of industrial machines and civil machines varies a lot, so pay attention to the models, places of origin and specifications of LED lights and choose the most suitable one.

Apart from the components mentioned above, many other material properties are also vital, such as whether the circuit board is resistant to static electricity and more. Only if we know well about the properties of kinds of components can we choose the right UV inkjet flatbed printer.

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