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What Can't Be Printed with UV Printer?
2015-04-01 16:45:28

Flatbed UV printer powerfully delivers detailed and photorealistic images on a wide range of media. It gradually becomes more popular in different industries. However, is everything can be printed with UV printer? Obvious the answer is negative for now. It might come true in the future since we've kept making it workable with more and more kinds of substrates.

Compared with the traditional printing machines, UV printers can print onto a wide array of materials with high printing speed and super fine details. But there still exists some limitations of it:

1. The curved material cannot be printed. UV flatbed printer would be unable to print full-format images while the gap between the highest and the lowest point of printed item is more than 1cm. It's hard for ink jetting and the images turns to be unclear.

2. The material with strong reflection cannot be printed. For digital UV printers, the UV light dries ink as soon as the printing is finished. When UV light irradiate the material mentioned above, the light will reflect the printing head through the material's surface and lead to the failure of printing images because the UV ink has already dried before it reaches to the surface. Even worse, as a result of ink solidification, the printing head will be blocked or damaged.

3. Once the product’s after printing process which involving high temperature, strong acid or alkali, it cannot be printed.

If the temperature is higher than 270 Celsius, the ink would be incapable of attaching to the surface and the images would be out of shape or be chipped. Same things would happen when ink encounters with strong acid or alkali.

Therefore, we must be careful and avoid the three circumstances mentioned above when operating the machines. As science and technology are rapidly improving, we believe one day UV printer will be truly universal and better serve the whole world.

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